Sunday, March 18, 2012

I absolutely HATE this mascara.  I don't usually wear waterproof.  I like to put on about 10 layers of mascara which is hard to do with waterproof as it clumps alot easier.  The reason I have it is because I convinced my mom to branch out from her same mascara..... oops.  She hated the wand and told me it clumps too much.  I said I'd take it and give it a try.  Right away I knew it was a throw away.  I've been trying to wear it for about a week now. 
It DOES NOT dry fast.  It takes more than 5 minutes to try.  I end up with mascara below my bottom eyelashes as well as on top of my eyelids.  I do quite a few cleanup jobs until it finally dries. 
My eyelashes STICK together because it stays wet for so long.  Worse than any waterproof mascara I have ever tried.  Rimmel brags about the fact it comes off as easily as any regular mascara..... so how waterproof is it??? 

One product I can rave about is the Maybelline falsies mascara. 
I have heard reviews on the waterproof not staying on very well.  I LOVE the regular one though.  I put layers and layers on and if by chance it does start to clumb, I use my tweezers to separate the eyelashes.  I absolutely love this mascara and WILL buy it again.

So our 100 year old home we moved into has actually been fairly cosy.  We have ripped up 2 carpets so far.  We ripped up the carpet in the hallway leading up to the stairs as well as the one in our bedroom.  They're old and so full of dust and mildew that we could feel the difference in our breathing.  We've taken down all the old dust filled curtains as well.  We're not totally unpacked and set up as we've been both working crazy hours right now.   Things are slowly getting done.  
Today has been our first day off in 2 weeks!
Time for a glass of my favourite red wine right now.

I had been sticking to my 4 favourite brands, Jackson Triggs, Painted Turtle, Copper Moon and Yellow Tail.  Merlot was always my preference. 
Sheldon urged me to take a chance and try new bottles.  Since then I have tried many brands.  I usually try to take a picture of what I have tried so that I can keep note of which ones I liked and which I wasn't too fond of. 
This one has been my ultimate favourite so far. 

Monday, March 5, 2012

Settling In

AHHHH!!!  The past month has gone by so fast.  It was painful, but fast.  We prepped, painted and scrubbed the townhouse down for the first showing.  We are finally all moved out and moved into the heritage home. 
I spent a week in the Okanagan with my parents before officially moving into the new house.  The past few days my mom has been here unpacking and setting up while I've started work. 
It's nice to have that help!  It's too bad she can't stay longer and cook for us :)  What she did do for us is cube up packages of chicken, marinate and measure out into ziploc bags for the freezer.  All I will have to do now is set up the slow cooker in the morning, throw in the frozen chicken and add in some potatoes and veggies.  Then when I get home from work it will be ready to eat!  I like that!
Unpacking is always so overwhelming.  I'm starting to get better at it as this is around the 8th time I've moved in the past 2 years.  I always spent too much time and energy trying to have everything set up perfectly. 

This is my system now:
1.  Unload boxes into the first accessible large room.
2.  Sort boxes by rooms and distribute
3.  Empty boxes, flatten boxes then throw away boxes... keeping a few for storage
4.  Make sure kitchen, bathroom and bedroom are first rooms to set up. 6.  As time goes on, rearrange
5.  Put everything away into cupboards or shelves
6.  As time goes on, slowly rearrange stuff as I see fit.
7.  Swear to never move again. 

I always find the kitchen to be the worst to set up.  I try to tackle it first then get completely frustrated and overwhelmed.  Because I am still learning to cook and set up house, I have trouble deciding where everything should go.  Utensils in drawer by sink?  Utensils in drawer on end so they're easy to get out with multiple people in kitchen?  Spices by cupboard closest to stove which also happens to be the cupboard closest to sink.... which most people recommend putting your plates?  I'd rather just pay somebody to set up my kitchen.  Then if something doesn't work for me I'll move it later on.  If anyone has a guideline of how they set up their kitchen, please share.

Lastly, this place has spiders.  With an old place it's a given that it has lots of dark, damp places, a spider's favourite place!  I have a phobia of spiders.  I put my slippers up high when not wearing them, give them a good whack before putting them on.  Clothes always hung up and shaken before putting on.  I take a good look in cupboards before sticking my hand in.  I use a stick to move curtains in case there's a spider on the other side wanting to jump on my hand.  I know I'm a paranoid freak.  They scare the sh*t out of me!  I would have loved to spray every cupboard, closet and crack with Raid, but now we've moved in and we have a cat.  So spraying harmful chemicals is not the best decision.  I've hear chestnuts are supposed to repel them, but has anyone actually ever tried it and found a difference???

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Short update

Well, hello there!
I'm going to start of with just a short update of what I am up to.
I'm currently living in a townhouse in Aldergrove with my wonderful boyfriend Sheldon.  We have been given the opportunity to move into a family owned heritage home in Fort Langley so he can be closer to work.  I LOVE Fort Langley.  Its a cute little heritage area.
There's quite a bit of filming that goes on there.  Each time in the summer when I was visiting Sheldon, we'd drive through Fort Langley and there's be camera crew around. 
There's an adorable coffee shop/book store
Which you absolutely need to check out.  It's ADORABLE.  Full of a fresh menu and organic drinks.  You can get your book, food and drink all in one stop.  I'm in love!
So with all that said, the next couple weeks are filled with packing, moving, cleaning and painting!  Yikes.  We sent our little shitten (Felix) to my grandparents.  She'll stay there for a month and pester them.  This way we don't have her to trip over or redecorate with painted paw prints.
The move will be good for us, but hard to say goodbye to his beautiful townhouse.  It's a 3bdrm + den, 1.5 bath, renovated townhouse which obviously is way too big for the both of us. 

It's an exciting and hardworking time for us haha. 
Have a wonderful day :)